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Updated 8/28/2017

The search fields below will help you find a doctor within the network to treat your work injury. To find a doctor near where you live or work, type in a city name, use the drop down menu to select a county or type in the appropriate ZIP Code. (There may not be a doctor in your specific ZIP Code, in which case you would search by city or county.)

You can narrow your search by selecting a specific specialty, such as orthopedics.

Some doctors provide treatment in even more specialized areas. You can find these treaters using the sub-specialty drop down menu. For example, if you are looking for an orthopedist who specializes in treating hip problems, you can find a doctor in this specific specialty using this tool.

Once you've entered your criteria, click on the search button. A list of doctors that meet your needs will be shown. If you don't get the results you need you may be searching in too narrow a way, so expand your criteria to get more results. You can sort the results by clicking on one of the columns in the header. You can also get a map of the treater's location by clicking on the globe icon in the left column of the results table.


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